6 Legit Passive Income Ideas | You Can Start Today Only 6 Minutes

Do you have heard about passive income?

This is the system where you will make money even when you are doing nothing. Just think about yourself, you have slept at 10:00 p.m. and awaked at 6:00 a.m. and you are seeing you have earned $1k at night.

Sounds impossible?

Well, many people are already making millions of dollars because of the passive income system.

If you are passionate that you will earn money even when you are in sleep, then it is possible by you.

Just need to know the best passive income ideas to start your journey.

6 ways of passive income

Blogging Income

Legit passive income ideas

Blogging is the most popular way of passive income. Here you can select any topic to write on.

There are tons of blogs that have started from the zero and now generating hundreds of thousand dollars per month.

You can do the same work. Just select a popular but low competitive niche or topic and start publishing fresh articles for in a regular basis.

When your blog will be popular, you can use different ad networks for monetization.

If you rank for various keywords, you will get traffic anytime even when you are sleeping.

Traffic means more ad clicks and more money.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have marketing knowledge and you like to write reviews, affiliation is the best way for you. The process is so simple.

Select a particular category for the products.

Select an affiliation platform and start writing reviews on products.

When you are giving detail review with an honest opinion, people will love your site.

Then you can simply recommend some products and give a link to the product.

This link will be your affiliate link. So, when someone purchases the product by clicking on the link, you get the commission.

The commission rate varies with the affiliate platforms.

Typically, you will get 5% to 80% commission based on products and the platform.

Email Marketing

Legit passive income ideas
Email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing methods. Also, email listing is one of the most fabulous passive income ideas.

When you have a legitimate e-mail list from the targeted audience, you don’t have to do anything to make money.

Just give rental of your listing.

Before making money, you need to create the list. But it is not required to use a blog for building an email list.

Just setup a landing page, offer something free for your targeted audience and collect the mail.

Day after day, the list will extend.

Now, you can sell directly to them through email marketing. Just select some good products and set up the email campaign.

Now get ready to get tons of sales. You will get sales even when you are not in online.

Drop shipping

Legit passive income ideas

Though this a modern concept of marketing, but it is quite similar to an e-commerce website.

The difference is, you don’t have to produce any products or deliver the products. The only thing you need to do is marketing.

Take the order from customers, forward to your dropshipping partner, and they will do rest of the works.

You will just receive the order and the money.

YouTube channel

Legit passive income ideas

YouTube is quite similar to blogging. Here you need to post vlog contents instead of the blog contents.

You can select any particular topic for creating a video. Do you love to play guitar?

Then you can even start teaching other people. There are more ideas that you can use to create videos.

When you have enough views and subscribers, you can apply for the YouTube AdSense.

Now, each time people watch your videos and click on the ad, you will get paid.

No matter what you are doing in the offline, your income will increase with time.


Legit passive income ideas

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