How To Earn to Per Day $500 UP To with Google Adsense – Adsense AutoPilot METHOD 2018

How To Earn to Per Day $500 UP To with Google Adsense AutoPilot

What is Google Adsense?

First of all, we need to know what is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is a Google search engine giant. Through this, Google displays advertisements on bloggers’ blogs and in exchange gives money to bloggers. This is the biggest and most widely used method of blog income.

Why does Google give us money?

There is another Google service, named Google Edward. Through Google AdWords, Google takes money from various websites or organizations on their website or organization’s campaign. Then through the Adsense service Google displays advertisements of paid websites or organizations on websites or blogs. Now Google gives 68% amount of money to the website or blog owners, and the remaining 32% is left to Google as the cost of service management.

How much money does Google websites or blog owners pay?

A few days ago I asked a question that how much money Google has given you in the month. There are many people who think that if Google Adsense gets the trouble, then Google will pay me a month. Those who have this idea, they now know the words.

Google will not pay you any month, because Google has not given you a job. If Google does not have any income through your blog, why would Google pay you money?

The amount of Adsense money depends on the visitor of the blog. If you have a lot of visitors then you can earn good income or not otherwise. Google will display advertisements on your site or links to other websites, now if you visit the website of your blog by clicking on that link, then you will receive the money.

How to get money?
Google gives bloggers money in two ways. 1. Western Union and 2. Through Bank Check Sadly, though, it is true that our country is not paid through the Western Union. As a result, our money is delayed. If you have deposited $ 100 or more in your account, a bank check will be posted to your address on the 23rd of every month.

It takes 20-25 days to come to the check post through the normal post office. If you get through DHL courier service, you will get one week (in this case 30 dollars will be deducted). After receiving the check, after submitting the check in any bank, the money will be credited to your account. It takes some time to deposit money.

What will be the money coming to the blog to add blog?

It is another misconception that money will start coming into Google’s advertising blog. Many people think that the money will start coming to the blog at Ed Basley. I’m sure every blogger thinks this. But after getting the Adsense account they realize the real thing. It is not a matter of guilt. I used to think that at one time, but now I realize that earning from Adsense is not so easy. You will need a lot of traffic to earn from Adsense. Many people say that on my site 1000-1200 visitors come daily. Telling them, have you ever seen your site’s bounce rate? The visitor will not be really, the visitor will also be satisfied. Whenever a visitor receives something to be satisfied with your site, surely there will be some time on your site. When a visitor will stay on your site for a while, look at the advertisements on your site and click on it. Otherwise if the visitor does not come to your site then surely he will not be on your site. There is no possibility of clicking on the ad if the site is not a visitor. If you do not click on the ad, then the question of income does not come. Now tell us what will be the money coming to the blog to add blog?

How to know if my site is useful for Adsense?

Many people in the Facebook group of blogging schools have asked how to know if my site is useful for Adsense? View your blog as a visitor without seeing your blog. I’m sure you’ll get answers to your questions. Even then, if you do not realize that there is a problem on my site. Then go straight to AdSense and apply it. If your site is good, Google will give you adsense or tell you what is the problem. I also got Adsense in this way. However, write quality content must be edasens. Google only sees content, does not look at the design. Many say that the brothers saw the design of my site. Hey brother, the visitor will sit and watch your design? Do not waste time behind the design and write a lot of good quintet articles.

The main conditions of the Adsense Account are approved

  • Of course, 10-12 good quilts must have Arctic.
  • There will be no other company’s ad.
  • Pop-up windows like Facebook Like Box can not be.
  • Can not contain copy-paste content
  • Anything that violates the copyright law can not be kept.
  • Adult, hacking, no content or any content that has been misquoted with a group or group.
  • Many people say there should be good visitors. I do not say, no visitor is needed (fully my opinion).
  • Content that does not support Google can not contain content.
  • Be the top-level domain. That is, if the sub-domain is not acceptable, then the account will not be approved. (But the blogspot’s issue is different)


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How To Earn to Per Day $500 UP To with Google Adsense -AutoPilot

How To Earn to Per Day $500 UP To with Google Adsense - Adsense AutoPilot METHOD 2018

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