Hello, I’m Imran. And yes, this is my name Imran. My certificate name is Imran. The nickname Imran and all the Imran. Whatever comes next, I was born – Chittagong district.
I found Freelancer.com and signed an account to 100% full bid for the bid. I got 1 job in the first 3/5 bid. The first work of my freelancing life was a logo design. I did work within 2 days. The client gave me payment. For two days of the logo design I got 100 dollars. About 2009. 100 dollars a lot to me After that, I set out to bid for oDesk.com whose current name is UpWork.com, and here I started bidding here. Here’s a work of SEO in the first 1 week. My client’s name was Andrew I started working in the first project and started earning well in the favor of Allah. After 3 months, Client gave me another job after finishing that work. You do not have to wear new work and bid it.

Thus, I worked in UpWork for two years. After that the client told me that if you want you can join my company. I joined her company. His company is not such a big company. Freelance type office. But i’m happy That’s how I worked. Ever once again Web Design once again Marketing. You may think so much about how I did so. I did not know so much work. When I used to do my client’s work, I myself hired some people to help in my work. I used to do them.

In this way, in the middle of 2012-2013 I learned about affiliate marketing. Then I started learning a lot about affiliate marketing. And luckily I got Vick Strizheus And its High Traffic Academy One of the courses was done. I do not know whether to believe. I drank the first 6 months of 5000 dollars. I got 1 cell and I did not. After 6 months, I got 1 cell and click on the bank. The commission was like 17 dollars. I could not convince you of what I was happy about. After that, my affiliate marketing is going very well in the grace of Allah.